We are Yogini.

We go yaaaay! over clean design, clear communication & getting our hands dirty

We go ughhh! over filling up white spaces, cluttered layouts & back-seat designing

"From Nothingness to the infinite, everything is by design"

As a design studio we are deeply inspired by this idea - that even randomness is ideated. The image you see here was sketched to show our approach to design - like the still, unwavering gaze of 'BRAHMA' when he created the first atom. He was probably THE first-mover, a past-master in uniqueness, you name it, he has done it already. And his seat of power is the thousand petaled lotus in which creative permutations are infinite (by now we are hoping you see a dim connection to our company logo).

Yogini reflects all of this plus that unique Indian quality - to keep it simple yet unassumingly brilliant. So drop us a line and we can get on a mutually satisfying karmic journey.

We help your business look good.

Here's how.

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