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"From Nothingness to the Infinite, everything is created by design" - As a design and branding agency we are deeply inspired by that idea - that nothing is random and even the smallest detail has to be ideated and thought through. The image you see above was sketched to show our company's state of mind - the still, unwavering creative gaze of Brahma (the hindu god of creation) who finds a supreme kick in inventing the actual thought that wanted to invent the first wheel. He was the supreme first-mover. the past-master of uniqueness, messiah of brilliance, the destroyer of ordinary. You name it, he has done it already. And his seat of power is the thousand petalled lotus in which creative permutations are infinite (by now we are hoping you see a dim connection to our company logo).

Yogini exemplifies all of this plus that unique Indian quality - to keep it simple yet unassumingly brilliant. We help create identities that stand out - for people, companies and products and are as strongly influenced by the modern 21st century as we are by our vibrant and colorful heritage. So If you happen to be looking for that elusive "simple yet brilliant" design, do drop us a line and we can get on a mutually satisfying karmic journey.



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